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VideoRoastinBags140x93Roast in Bags helps you to prepare food in the oven. If you prepare a chicken for instance, your oven stays clean, and you do not have baste every time. On top of these advantages your chicken will retain the natural food moisture and flavour. Roast in Bags are available in two sizes: Medium and Extra Large.


roastinbags M 100


  1. Place the chicken (seasoned as desired) in the roasting bag
  2. Seal the roasting bag with the matching clip so that the steam can leave the roasting bag
  3. Place the roasting bag in a dish at the bottom of the oven preheated at 200ºC
  4. General rule: 20 minutes p/500g + 20 minutes
  5. Carefully cut the bag open at the clip when ready

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ROAST IN BAGS are available in sizes Medium (25 x 38 cm) and Extra Large (45 x 55 cm )