• Allows hot air to circulate around your food
  • Gives all round crispness
  • ± 20% faster, saves time, reduce baking time
  • For your health: no butter, oil or deep-frying



VideoBakingFoil140x93Crisp & Quick Baking allows hot air to circulate all around in the oven for crispier food. This is also quicker since it reduces baking time with about 20% and it is healthier because you do not have to use butter or oil on your baking plate but instead you can use the oven grid.
Crisp & Quick Baking makes it easier to handle your food and can be cut to size with scissors. It is nonstick, easy to clean and can be used at least 500 times.

CQBaking pictos

Instructions for use

  • Easily cut to size (scissors)
  • For oven dishes: cut in half

CQBaking use


  • Non stick: easy to clean


  • Let cool for 15 seconds


  • Please use in combination with the Studio Cook Baking Foil