• Allows hot air to circulate around your pizza
  • Gives all round crispness to your pizza
  • ± 20% faster, saves time, reduce baking time
  • For your health: no use of butter or oil
  • Gives stability to your pizza



VideoCrispyPizza140x93Crisp & Quick Pizza allows hot air to circulate all around for a crispier pizza. This is also quicker since it reduces baking time with about 20% and it is healthier because you do not have to use butter or oil on your baking plate but instead you can use the oven grid.
Crisp & Quick Pizza supports  your pizza, it is nonstick, is easy to clean and can be used at least 500 times.

CQPizza pictos

Instructions for use

  • Easily cut to size (scissors)

CQPizza use


  • Non stick: easy to clean


  • Let cool for 15 seconds


  • Please use in combination with the Studio Cook Baking Foil