PoachedEggBags20p140x181Make Perfectly Poached Eggs: Quick, Convenient, Perfect every time.

Perfect, water-immersed poached eggs have always been difficult to prepare, with unpredictable results….Until now! Studio Cook’s Egg Poaching Bags are a brilliant new invention. They allow water to contact the egg, without the raw egg leaking into the water.  After a few minutes your delicious poached egg slides out easily using no butter or oil, no vinegar.




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VideoPoachedEggBag140x93How to make perfectly poached eggs:

FIRST boil 3/4 full saucepan of water, then turn down to a low boil so that water is gently bubbling.

NOW take a Poached Egg Bag and press down into the bottom of a glass or mug, with the top flaps open as shown, and crack an egg into it. (Ensure water is gently bubbling before cracking egg.)

IMMEDIATELY grip both flaps together, lift out of the glass, and immerse vertically into the gently bubbling water without delay. Add more Poached Egg Bags into the water as required.

ALWAYS immerse each filled Poached Egg Bag before cracking the next egg.

POACH for 6 Minutes in the gently bubbling water (some foam in the water is normal)

Remove each Poached Egg Bag with tongs or a slotted spoon.

Allow to drain and cool slightly.

Grip the Poached Egg Bag by the bottom seam, and SHAKE FIRMLY but GENTLY. Your perfectly poached egg will slide out easily.

Simply dispose of the spent Poached Egg Bag. Recyclable.

ChilombaEgg140x93How to make a "Chilomba"





  1. Always use fresh eggs.
  2. To obtain the PERFECT SHAPE (mozzarella balls), please hold the bag carefully upright for a few seconds into the water before releasing it. Then as the bag gradually sinks, the ‘mozzarella ball’ shape will be formed.
  3. When using EGGS that are SEVERAL DAYS OLD, slight leakage may occur in the glass. To avoid this, simply add a splash of hot water into the open bag before cracking the egg.

UK, EU and international patents granted and pending. Designs registered.