• Healthy; preservation of vitamins
  • Faster; saves up to 70% of the preparation time
  • Steaming means preservation of the pure taste
  • No washing-up






VideoSteamBags140x93Steam Bags will help you to steam your food in the microwave. By doing this you can save up to 70% of the regular cooking time and the vitamins will be more preserved than with the usual cooking methods. Since Steam Bags are to be used only once, you will have no washing up.


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  1. Place the vegetables in the steam bag and remove the adhesive edge
  2. Make sure the vegetables are about the same size
  3. Seasoning can be added as desired
  4. Close the adhesive edge with an overlap of 3 cm (see image on packing )
  5. Steam the vegetables in the microwave

 steambags use

  Normal Steam Bags
  850 Watt 850 Watt
Peas, beans and broccoli 8-10 min ± 3-3,5 min
Cauliflower, maize, carrots 10-15 min ± 3,5-6 min
Potatoes 15-20 min ± 4,5-6 min
Fish 10-15 min ± 3,5-6 min
Chicken parts 10-15 min ± 3-5 min


  • Use the steam bag once
  • No dirty pans; no washing-up!


  • Cut the vegetables to be steamed to about the same size
  • The steaming bag can be plump during the steaming; this is normal
  • Let the steaming bag cool off for 20 – 30 seconds after use
  • Always wear oven gloves when opening the microwave!


  • Also try steaming fish, chicken parts and potatoes

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