• Ideal for people with an allergy
  • No contamination with ‘normal’ bread
  • For defrosting, refreshing, toasting and making toasties
  • Ready very quickly, can be used 50x, suitable for the dishwasher






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  1. Defrosting: Take the bread out of the freezer, put it into the Toast a Bag® and defrost it in the toaster
  2. Refresh: Add a little moisture to the old bread, put it into the Toast a Bag® and briefly heat it up in the toaster
  3. Toasting: Put the bread in the Toast a Bag® and toast the bread in the toaster
  4. Toasties: Prepare the toastie as you normally would, put it into the Toast a Bag® and toast it in the toaster for approximately 3 minutes

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  • Toast a Bags® can be used 50x
  • Wash them up with warm water and a mild detergent
  • Or put them in the dishwasher (at the top, across the bars)


  • Never heat up liquids in a Toast a Bag®
  • Never use a damaged Toast a Bag®
  • The toasting time can vary per toaster
  • Don’t make your toastie too thick; it needs to be able to fit in the toaster


  • You can also use the Toast a Bag® to grill pizza slices, pita breads and wraps in your toaster
  • Can also be used in the contact grill

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