Our video bank has video's in 11 languages on YouTube and you will find the list with links on this page.

Product English German French Dutch Italian Spanish Portuguese Danish Swedish Norwegian Finnish
Toast a Bags
Toast a Bags Gluten Free
Roastin Bags
Quick a Steam
Steam bags
Oven + BBQ Bags
Baking foil (Oven Protector)
Crispy Pizza
Crispy Oven Frites
Crispy Baking
Safe Grip
Poached Egg Bags
Chilomba (Poached Egg Bags)
Decorating Bags          
Oven Fish Bags                    
Thermo Bags                    


Next to that we have almost all of the video's in MOV format; the size of these HD video's is 1920x1080 pixels to be used on counter display TVs found in many shops, available on request fromThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The YouTube links:

English YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocook
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/p8Y6cdkYCzM
Toast a Bag Gluten Free http://youtu.be/UyBg498smwE
Roast in Bag http://youtu.be/ee34t7v-v28
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/Eb4Cic7i8wg
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/Zl8LtzWYJjE
Oven+BBQ Bags (New) http://youtu.be/Oq83i3p0DTg
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/T66HGRVo1OI
Crisp & Quick Pizza http://youtu.be/HR6h_fRZQhQ
Crips & Quick Oven Frites http://youtu.be/KK9o_qf9HFA
Crisp & Quick Baking http://youtu.be/nw698G9Chj8
Safe Grip http://youtu.be/XCf3zd5O7_U
Poached Egg Bags http://youtu.be/YNFkGtrCpaA
Chilomba (Poached Egg) http://youtu.be/wED9CsudQB4
Decoratingbags http://youtu.be/RQUFRRYKqcg
Oven Fish Bags http://youtu.be/L7Y2ydkxhQg
Thermo Bags http://youtu.be/rwZ_9W7Po5I
Dutch YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookNL
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/jfODlhjG1FM
Toast a Bag Gluten Free http://youtu.be/Nbbzq5v-ELU
Roast in Bag http://youtu.be/9McVZ_TPUCo
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/hoPWOqbVxXY
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/IVa2TsHXY24
Oven+BBQ Bags (New) http://youtu.be/NzzLsBXetsY
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/o_BX86LhY-4
Crisp & Quick Pizza http://youtu.be/6_p-hbg_eNQ
Crips & Quick Oven Frites http://youtu.be/P2iD-wzks88
Crisp & Quick Baking http://youtu.be/tOwooXO5NUM
Safe Grip http://youtu.be/welmuGWfTpA
Decoratingbags http://youtu.be/ZLOIpkabdV0
French YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookFR
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/QR7trG6UlJE
Toast a Bag Gluten Free http://youtu.be/AsoxfyhwNiQ
Roast in Bag http://youtu.be/AsoxfyhwNiQ
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/7csuE4c-ChI
Oven+BBQ Bags (New) http://youtu.be/Tn0MWFMopxk
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/elTeBZ75t5A
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/hVJl98hx6lo
Crisp & Quick Pizza http://youtu.be/D4GkcXFRStY
Crips & Quick Oven Frites http://youtu.be/HYGJM9Pwz1M
Crisp & Quick Baking http://youtu.be/saZUyJPrpzY
Safe Grip http://youtu.be/_MO7a-EalEc
Decoratingbags http://youtu.be/myMo6_gyMno
Italian YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookIT
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/pRHN9BuZ_ao
Roast in Bag http://youtu.be/g9h5nou1TTc
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/oe6ed-tR_UU
Oven+BBQ Bags (New) http://youtu.be/XvQObaADDMU
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/Izdc6qly6Yk
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/Y16Lp7xYBDg
Crisp & Quick Pizza http://youtu.be/-ekQ2HGxgkQ
Crips & Quick Oven Frites http://youtu.be/PKw92Blf5Us
Crisp & Quick Baking http://youtu.be/UDm53CBtELY
Safe Grip http://youtu.be/Yx9ZhLBTaio
Chilomba (Poached Egg) http://youtu.be/nEMq9S04dtM
Decoratingbags http://youtu.be/MKctyz7gxBQ
German YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookDE
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/dU-RHSbgm8U
Toast a Bag Gluten Free http://youtu.be/vg1ZaMCQQpw
Roast in Bag http://youtu.be/fZFCAt_YdiM
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/Xv6DeEznP9Q
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/vnDBxL-BZ8c
Oven+BBQ Bags (New) http://youtu.be/NgYxPOjyJ5g
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/h3ZY6Iz0OAc
Crisp & Quick Pizza http://youtu.be/VSBUK8K8u00
Crips & Quick Oven Frites http://youtu.be/EoRatWvTuFQ
Crisp & Quick Baking http://youtu.be/unurwWa2jww
Safe Grip http://youtu.be/6Jt0lJA-7qU
Decoratingbags http://youtu.be/obuUQI7xnhI
Spanish YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookES
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/C-KVWItVthU
Roast in Bag http://youtu.be/ibOAdCpLNIE
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/Nc_Z0uAW2b0
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/2gqVyiT6MUs
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/ToJ82Zm-S1A
Crisp & Quick Pizza http://youtu.be/H6hKnIJtJGA
Crips & Quick Oven Frites http://youtu.be/LMy0LQM9LPE
Crisp & Quick Baking http://youtu.be/uZ8jxbF8Pfg
Safe Grip http://youtu.be/5rLd4-MViDM
Portuguese YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookPT
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/Aa0VAIJAasc
Roast in Bag http://youtu.be/hcAWOLaXFYQ
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/Ir2g9Ds2-BA
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/a1CnIHGkuIw
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/ZAP52eNw69c
Crisp & Quick Pizza http://youtu.be/HhnvYTIkqxk
Crips & Quick Oven Frites http://youtu.be/XVBlgL5bBlQ
Crisp & Quick Baking http://youtu.be/u_VTNMBJCOQ
Safe Grip http://youtu.be/pD8vQcwN78U
Decoratingbags http://youtu.be/TlYHlI9CGCI
Danish YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookDK
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/zVFw2KNLgZ8
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/56sYqjNmc-g
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/GjOy47DrFfM
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/jJtN-RaCaoA
Swedish YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookSV
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/w_4DQ92lTnQ 
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/0zBUAg0xD8o
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/Mv03iO4TJDw
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/gNzlYANLBjk
Norwegian YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookNB
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/pkcq4yNgTw8
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/l0zIuzFPPQg
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/D5kP5UOrzKo
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/XG8Fqdpobio
Finnish YouTube video’s http://youtube.com/user/studiocookFI
Toast a Bag http://youtu.be/-J6mIh65tt4
Quick a Steam http://youtu.be/w378U6E3Ll0
Steam Bags http://youtu.be/wdVVGTEL3F8
Baking Foil http://youtu.be/dE0gkIX7bpg

Payment & Payment Terms

Studio Cook BV in the Netherlands will digitally send the invoice of the ordered goods in Euro’s to the administration of the distributor on the day of departure of the goods. The payment term is 30 days from the day of dispatchment

Payment Information Studio Cook BV.

VAT/BTW NL 8056.29.099.B01
Kamer van Koophandel 30139531
IBAN NL34INGB0002464178
ING 2464178 

Planning orders; leadtime 4 weeks

The standard leadtime between your order and the day of shipping is 4 weeks (20 workings days). The Decoration Bags and Roasting Bags 100 may take up to 12 weeks.

Please order as early as possible.

Commodity Tariff Numbers or Harmonized System (HS) Codes

Toast a Bags/ Grill a Bags 7019909990
Oven Protector 7019909990
Roast in Bags 3923909000
Quick a Steam 3923900000
Quick & Crisp Baking, Pizza en Oven Frites 70195900
Safe Grip 39173990
Poached Egg Bags  4823200005
Oven & BBQ Bags


Decoration Bags                                            39232100

Test certificates



The address of the Studio Cook Office:

Rubenslaan 13A
3723 BN Bilthoven
the Netherlands

Warning: All pictures, slide shows, icons, pakaging, CDU's, video's, inserts etc. etc. are copyright protected and may only be used in direct connection with the promotion of Studio Cook products. Please read our Terms of Use


1. Product packaging images

The images of the packaging are available:


VERSION 1: JULY 5, 2017
H x W x L
in mm
HiRes PictsRemarks
abbreviations please see below
1.0   Toastabags/Grillabags      
1.1 Toastabags Toastabags 3-p, 50-use
Size 165 x 160
270 x 175 x 3 Front
1.2 ToastabagsGF Toastabags 2-p, ‘Gluten Free’
Size 200 x 170
270 x 175 x 3 Front
1.3 ToastabagsHD Toastabags 2-p, 300-use
Size 200 x 145
270 x 175 x 3 Front
1.4 Grillabags Panini Grillabags 2-p, 50-use
Size 330 x 160
270 x 175 x 3 Front
2.0   Cooking Bags      
2.1 RoastingbagsM Roasting Bags 10-p, Medium
Size 380 x 250
270 x 175 x 5 Front
2.2 RoastingbagsXL Roasting Bags 4-p Extra Large
Size 550 x 450
270 x 175 x 5 Front
2.3 RoastingbagsM Roasting Bags 8-p Medium
Size 380 x 250
170 x 140 x 5 Front
Text Insert
2.4 RoastingbagsXL Roasting Bags 4-p Extra Large
Size 550 x 450
170 x 140 x 5 Front
Text Insert
2.5 OvenFishBag Fish Oven Bags 10p
Size 300 x 200
210 x 170 x 5 Front PP, DT, CS=YES, EN=YES
2.6 SteambagsL Steam Bags 15p, Large
Size 260 x 250
270 x 170 x 5 Front
2.7 SLowCookerLiner Slow Cooker Liners 5p
Size 550 x 300
210 x 170 x 5 Front
3.0   Crisp & Quick      
3.1 CQPizza Pizza 1-p Ø 320mm Product
CS free
3.2 CQOFrites Oven Frites 1p 320 x 320 x 40 Product
CS free
3.3 CQBaking Baking 1p 400 x 320 x 3 Product
CS free
4.0   Oven & BBQ Items      
4.1 OBBagM Oven & BBQ bags Medium 8p
Size 350 x 240
270 x 175 x 5 Front
4.2 OBBagL Oven & BBQ Bags Large 8p
Size 270 x 175
270 x 175 x 5 Front
4.3 MeatClaws Oven & BBQ Meat Claws N.A. Front UC, FE
5.0   Fat Controllers      
5.1 FatControllerM Fat Controller 3p
Size 200 x 350
210 x 170 x 36 Front CA
5.2 FatControllerL Fat Controller 10p
Size 200 x 350
230 x 370 x 120 Front CA
6.0   Baking      
6.1 BakingMat Silicone Baking Mat
Size 400 x 300
300 x Ø 60 Front CA
6.2 CakeTinLiner20 Cake Tin Liner 2p
Size ø 200 x 1000
210 x 170 x 10 Front PP, CA, CS,
6.3 CakeTinLiner24 Cake Tin Liner 2p
Size 240 x 1000
210 x 170 x 10 Front PP, CA, CS
6.4 CakeTinLiner26 Cake Tin Liner 2p
Size 260 x 1000
210 x 170 x 10 Front PP, CA, CS
6.5 - Loaf Tin Liner 450g 210 x 170 x 10 - UC
6.6 - Loaf Tin Liner 900g 210 x 170 x 10 - UC
6.7 LoafTinLiner Loaf Tin Liner 450g - 900g 1p 210 x 170 x 10 Front PP, CA, CS
7.0   Gas Hob Protectors      
7.1 GasHobProtBlack Gas Hob Protector ‘Black’ 310 x 180 x 10 Front PP, CA, CS
7.2 GasHobProtAlu Gas Hob Protector ‘Aluminium’ 300 x 285 x 5 Front PP, CA, CS
8.0   Cooler Bags      
8.1 CoolerBag Cooler Bag Sandwich 2-p 235 x 120 x 20 Front UC, PP, DT, CS=NO, PO, FE
8.2 - Cooler Bag Bottle 1-p N.A. - UC, FE
9.0   Fresh Bags      
9.1 FreshBag Fresh Bags 20p
Size 420 x 290, micro perforated
200 x 80 x 60 Front
10.0   Liners      
10.1   Reusable Baking Foil 1p
Size 400 x 330
270 x 175 x 6 - EN, DT, CS, PP=YES
10.2 CookingLinerM Reusable Cooking Liner 1p
Size 250 x 330
210 x 170 x 5 Front PP, DT, CS, EN=YES
10.3 CookingLinerL Reusable Cooking Liner 1p
Size 400 x 330
210 x 170 x 5 Front PP, DT, CS, EN=YES
10.4 PanLinerM Frying Pan Liner 1p
Size ø 240
210 x 170 x 3 Front PP, CA, CS,
10.5 PanLinerL Frying Pan Liner 1p
Size 260
210 x 170 x 5 Front PP, CA, CS
10.6 HotplateLiner Hot Plate Liner 1p
Size 500 x 400, rolled
445 x 205 x 255 Front Poly Tube, CA
11.0   Other      
11.1 DecoratingBags Decorating Bags 24p
Size 400 x 210, 90 micron
230 x 45 x 45 Front
11.2 SafeGrip Safe Grip 2p 375 x 100 x 15 Front FE, CA, CS=free
12.0   Studio Cook Food Service      
12.1 RoastingBagsM Roasting Bags Medium 100p
Size 380 x 240mm
380 x 250 x 1 Front PP, CA
12.2 RoastingBagsXL Roasting Bags Extra Large 50p
Size 550 x 450mm
550 x 450 x 1 Front UC, PP, CA
12.3 OvenBagsM Oven Bags Medium Single 1p
Size 32 x 32 x 10mm
32 x 32 x 10 Front PO, CA
13.4 SteamBagsL Steam Bags Large 100p
Size 260 x 250 x 1mm
N.A. Front UC
13.5 OBBagsL Oven + BBQ Bags Large 100p
Size 350 x 240 x 2mm
N.A. Front UC
13.6 OBBagsM Oven + BBQ Bags Medium 100p
Size 300 x 190 x 2mm
N.A. Front UC
13.0   Studio Garden      
13.1 WaterBag50 Water Bag 50 litres 340 x 250 x 50 Front FE, CA
13.2 WaterBag80 Water Bag 80 litres 390 x 270 x 50 Front FE, CA
13.3 BarrowBag Barrow Bag, 270 litres
Size 900 x 600 x 500mm
390 x 300 x 50 Front FE, CA
13.4 BigBag Big Bag 120 litres
Size 450 x 450 x 600mm
350 x 300 x 40 Front FE, CA

EN= ENvelop (cardboard), DT = Dispay Transport carton, CA = CArton, CS = Clip Strip = 12 sales units on clip strip in carton
PP = Poly Propyleen packaging (Yes or NO possible), UC = Under Construction, PO = Pallets Only, FE= Far East CB = card board box


2. Images 'Poly Prop' packaging (jpg)

BakingFoil Front Outside Inside
GrillBags Front Outside Inside
Oven&BBQbags Large (1) Front Outside  
Oven&BBQbags Large (5) Front Outside Inside
Oven&BBQbags Large (8) Front Outside Inside
Oven&BBQbags Medium (1) Front Outside Inside
Oven&BBQbags Medium (5) Front Outside Inside
Oven&BBQbags Medium (8) Front Outside Inside
RoastingBags Large (4) Front Outside Inside
RoastingBags Medium (2) Front Outside Inside
RoastingBags Medium (10) Front Outside Inside
SteamBags Large (15) Front Outside Inside
SteamBags Medium (20) Front Outside Inside
ToastaBags (1) Front Outside Inside
ToastaBags (2) Front Outside Inside
ToastaBags (3) Front Outside Inside


All pictorial ELEMENTS( individual pictures can be copied)


3. The Studio Cook / Garden Logo's

logo Innovative   

The color of the red background is PMS 187 C, and for websites: RGB (193,0,44), Hex: #C!002C
The font is: Helvetica Neue

The silver used packages is RGB (199,201,202) or hex: #C7C9CA
The newsletter pink is RGB (255,200,200) or hex: #FFC8C8


4. Inserts 'card wallets' products

The following inserts of the products are available in pdf format (text can be extracted):


5. Trade Presentation

A link to a retail presentation.


6. Consumer Display Units (CDU's)

Apicasa-linkto pictures of different (combinations of) CDU's and packaging




6. Cutter guides

The gutter guides show the dimensions used to cut wallets and cartons for printable area:


Please make sure the artwork has the fonts outlined, is in 4 colour process only CMYK and is provided in print ready PDF.



Here you will find all logistical informations regarding Studio Cook products. EAN codes, dimensions, weight, it is all there. However, if you need any more information, please call or mail us.

Logistical Information Sheets

For more info please click on the links:

Order Lead Time

The order lead time is 4 weeks from order to date of shipment. The Decorating Bags have a lead time of 12 weeks. For more info, please check the Studio Cook Office

Freight = Service

Freight is a service to our distributors. We will always try to get the best price from independent international transporters.

If a distributor can get a better price? Fine, no problem! 
If a distributor wants to collect the goods from one of ourwarehouses? You are welcome!
If a client can combine the goods with another supplier? Well done!

We just do our very best to help our distributors to ship the goods at the lowest price possible price to the requested destination.

Labels on outer cartons of the Consumer Display Units

Click on thelinkfor examples the Studio Cook labels